Norwegian Seafood

NORWAY – 2015 was a grand success for the Norway fish and seafood industry, and a year when Norway exported seafood worth NOK 75 billion (approximately $8.8 billion USD) which was an 8% rise from the export value obtained in the previous year. Other European Union members and the United States served as the largest markets for Norwegian fish and seafood exports. The EU accounts for nearly 67% of the total seafood export of Norway, and exports to their generated revenues worth NOK 50 billion for the Norwegian economy in 2015. Salmon and trout were the two leading species of fish exported from Norway in 2015. Codfish, clip fish and fresh codfish products were the other leading seafood products exported from the country. Shellfish exports, including shrimp, snow crab, and king crab, also performed exceedingly well in 2015.

Nordøy Sea is a Norwegian export company supplying the world with top quality seafood products. Our company is located in Sandnessjøen, a coastal city in Northern Norway.  Our products are caught from the ice cold waters of the Norwegian coastline. Our products are farmed in excellent environments and caught daily by experienced fishermen.

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AOS – Product Catalog (Atlantic Salmon)