Indonesian Seafood

INDONESIA – Indonesia’s long fishing tradition, coupled with its location near fish-rich waters, renders it as one of the most important fish and seafood producers in the world. In 2012, the country’s total fish production was estimated to be around 15.26 million tons (5.81 million tons from wild capture and 9.45 million tons from aquaculture). Fishery exports from this country have also been significant, generating $3.11 billion USD annually as per the recent estimates. East Java, an island in Indonesia, is responsible for a third of the country’s shipments of fish and seafood. Shrimp, frozen fish, and fresh fish form the largest sections of exported fish and seafood products from the country.

Sea Frozen – Ocean Catch Seafood

PT. AOS Aliansi Indonesia (AOS-AI) representing Atlantic Ocean Seafood Pte Ltd, is a company registered under the laws of the Republic of Indonesia with the following business activities,

  • Domestic and Export Trade of Live Seafood
  • Domestic and Export Trade of Fresh Seafood
  • Domestic and Export Trade of Frozen Seafood
  • Domestic and Export Trade Processed Seafood
  • Domestic and Export Trade of Fresh Water Fish

Black Tiger Prawns – Packing

Black Tiger Prawns – Packing 1

AOS-AI is located in Jakarta, Indonesia where majority of our products are caught from the warm waters of the Eastern Sea and our farmed seafood are extracted from traditional farms.

Packing facility

BLT – Farm Quality Check

King Fish – Sea Frozen

Fresh Tuna – Packed

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